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Our Programs

Here at L&L we offer several courses which are approved and regulated with TDLR.

-Lash Speciality License

-Esthetician License

-Lash Certification (this course is for individuals that currently hold a license)

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Esthetician Course:

L&L Lash Academy offers a unique skin care + lash training experience like never before. You will not only learn esthetics, but I will also teach you leadership and how to fully run and operate a successful business as an entrepreneur. We set our students up for a life of professionalism and impact for your exciting career in Esthetics and Eyelash Extensions. Our 21 Credit (750 hours) esthetics program offers comprehensive training in medical and cosmetic treatments to improve the health and of skin. We have a day time and evening class to choose from.

The course total is $10,800

This includes your full lash + esthetician kit plus everything you will use to complete our course

Items not included in course price-

-State Exam Fees ($50 for Written / $72 for Practical)

-Uniform (Black Scrubs)

-Book Fee $75

-Permit Fee $25



-Guinot Hydradermine Lift

-Guinot Hydradermie

-Body Waxing




-European Facials

-Brow Lamination + Henna Brow

-Back and Neck Treatment

-Eyelash Extensions + Lift & Tint

-Teeth Whitening

-Building a Business 


-Product Knowledge

-All things LLC + Tax Info


Esthetician Course:

Lash License Course:

L&L Lash Academy prepares you for both state written and practical exams. You will not only leave a confident lash artist, but you will also be confident in social media marketing, learning the ins & outs of a business, business management, taxes, building a booking site, gaining clientele, branding + SO much more! We're here to help you get started and the entire way, we guarantee a lifelong mentorship with each of our courses. At the end if this program you will be eligible to take your state board exams to become a licensed lash artist in the state of Texas.

The amount of $1500.00 is due at the time of enrollment and the remainder of $3500.00 is due prior to the last day of class.

Items not included in course price-

-State Exam Fees ($76 for Practical / $55 for Written)

-Uniform (Black Scrubs)

-Book Fee $25

-Permit Fee $25


Contact us today, let chat and get you started on the path to your dream career!


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