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Elite Lash Specialty + Esthetician School

Get to Know Us

L&L Lash Academy is an Elite Lash School located in Abilene, Texas providing a prestigious environment where students are continuously evolving and becoming the successful lash artist they are today! I myself have 2 lash salons in Downtown, Abilene with 10 girls working under me. I have around 10,000 sq ft in property that is used between my salons & lash academy. I have accomplished all of this in LESS than 2 years! My goal is to teach all of my students how I did this + so much more. You will leave my program not only a licensed lash artist, but also knowing how to run a successful lash business. 

We provide knowledge like no other program in or around Abilene. That is why when you leave L&L you will not only be confident in being a lash artist, but you will leave here a successful entrepreneur. I will teach you how to build your business from the ground up, all the ins and outs, taxes, branding your supply line, booking sites and SO much more! We provide the tools you need to build the beautiful life you envisioned and deserve. 

My goal was to bring a TDLR approved lash and Esthetician Course to Abilene like no one has experienced, and I did just that! The best advice I can give is, START! Start the business and take the steps you need to get there, if you don't start now you will look back down the road and always wonder "what if". 

You got this!

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